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This WILL Affect Your Business

The Openreach PSTN Switch Off

The UK’s PSTN Phone infrastructure will be switched off in December 2025 with a stop sale planned for 2023.

What is the PSTN?

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network.  This is the underlying network infrastructure behind the traditional telephone lines we all used to rely on in the UK.

Who’s affected

All businesses (And Homes) that still use these services which is most of the country. It’s not just your on-premise telephone system that will be affected by the switch off, it’s everything else that is also using the same network, for example, broadband services, alarm systems, fax machines, security systems and card machines.

What to do

If you are unsure what to do don’t panic as we can help. We just need a copy of your existing phone bill with the list of services that you currently pay to identify the services that will be affected and what changes can be made to ensure a seamless transition allowing your business to continue to trade as normal.

Please note that although you don’t have to change your existing services straight away, we are already seeing price hikes being imposed by Openreach that will affect your existing service costs which is why we are recommending reviewing these now.

For more information or to speak with one of our presales team please email us [email protected]