Top 10 Reasons to use PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF is the easy way to automatically monitor and manage copying and printing in your organization, giving you control over your costs and environmental impact. PaperCut MF checks print jobs on the print server and analyzes them, applying rules to enforce your print policies

1 Cut Waste and Your Carbon Footprint

Encourage responsible printing with PaperCut MF quotas and print policies, cutting paper and toner costs and power usage. At-a-glance reporting on CO2 and carbon emissions – by CO2 volume or by tree – shows the impact.

2 Apply Print Policies Enterprise-Wide

With PaperCut MF, printing requests are intercepted at the print server to control jobs according to policies that encourage or enforce good behavior. Use job fi ltering to advanced scripting (JavaScript) to implement policies and improve device utilization. For example you might route large jobs to dedicated high-speed printers, display popups to ask end users to confi rm single sided output, automatically delete print jobs with incorrect paper sizes or suggest an alternative printer when a device is offline.

3 Solve mobile and BYOD Printing

Allow users to print from whatever BYOD or mobile device at their disposal. No matter the operating system, their location, the fi le format or the brand of printer, PaperCut MF has simple solutions to solve all these. All solutions integrate into PaperCut’s standard print charging/accounting/quota process.

4 Enable Find-Me/Secure Print Release

PaperCut MF protects confi dential documents and slashes the volume of unclaimed printouts by ensuring users release print jobs at the point of printing. With Find-Me printing, users queue print jobs to a virtual queue, and then release them for printing on a specifi c device. Secure Print Release requires user authentication before printing, ensuring that only authorized users can print and collect sensitive documents. PaperCut MF can also be confi gured to require print approval, ensuring managers, teachers or SysAdmins authorize the printing of any job.

5 Monitor and Report on Usage

Real-time monitoring and reports address all areas of print/copy/fax/ scan management, ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact. PaperCut MF offers more than 50 reports out of the box, in PDF, HTML or Microsoft Excel (.csv) format. Access reports from any web browser, or schedule them to be automatically generated and emailed. You can set up reports to use your own header, and create reports with custom data by specifying date ranges, filtering and sorting by the data available.

6 Deploy Simply

An installation wizard installs server software and then proceeds to automatically detect printers and multi-function devices on your network. Create users and groups automatically from directory services including Active Directory, Open Directory, Novell eDirectory of LDAP, Install wizards help you define user access rights, page costs and quotas. Client software is optional and can be run directly off a server share avoiding the need to install/deploy locally. PaperCut MF integrates with printers and multi-function devices from all major vendors.

7 Administer Centrally, Manage Easily

PaperCut MF provides browser-based administration access from any network location, providing advanced administration and configuration options in an intuative user interface. End users have access to a set of web tools to track their own activity in real-time, query their account balances, view transactions, and transfer credit to other users.

8 Integrate with Your Intranet and Other Systems

A customizable web interface ensures you can easily integrate with your intranet site, and a fully documented API and scripting interface let you integrate PaperCut MF with other IT systems.

9 Scale Up Effortlessly

Modern software design and architecture provides scalability for networks of all sizes, from five to 500,000 users. Regardless of the number of servers and end users on your network, PaperCut MF will meet your needs.

10 Maximize Uptime and Availability

PaperCut MF delivers a robust approach to maintaining service by clustering at the print spooler, application server and database (for cluster-aware databases), as well as automatic fail-over protection against single points of failure.

PaperCut is used by more than 50,000 organizations in 100+
countries to cut costs and environmental impact.

“PaperCut’s ease of use, mixed with its powerful scripting and filtering services – and combined with its many varied reports – make it our ideal print management solution. We can safely just leave it to do its job and not have to worry about running up massive printing bills.”

Tony Ayre, IT Manager, Minehead Middle School


Filestar is a cloud-based document management service, ideal for scanning and archiving your paper documents.
A few reasons why it’s great for you…

Paper takes space. Space costs money.
Paper takes time (to file and find).
Time costs money. Less paper = Money
saved! Filestar makes it very easy for
you to transfer your paper files to a
digital archive.

Filestar can be configured with rules to tell it how to
handle incoming scans – for example,
you may want to split the scans into
separate documents whenever it
detects a special barcode, or you may
want it to file documents differently
depending on which scanner profile
was used.


Our cloud servers take away all of the
hassle and costs of managing your own
servers and storage. All you need is a
web browser.

With processing complete your
document is sent securely to our
cloud servers, automatically named
(if that is what you want) and filed.
If for any reason your internet connection
is lost, your scanned document is kept
locally on your PC and the Filestar app
will upload it when the connection is
restored. (For peace of mind, the
Filestar app can be instructed to keep
the original copy of your scanned
document on your server or storage
device, indefinitely or for a set period
– e.g. 100 days.)


With secure access, comprehensive
auditing and flexible retention
policies, Filestar ticks all the boxes
when it comes to meeting your
document compliance requirements.

Filestar’s access control features
ensure that only authorised users
have access to search, edit and view
documents. The built- in audit trail
records document access and filing
changes. The retention policy feature
can be used to flag documents that
need to be destroyed inline with your
compliance requirements.

So, how does Filestar work?

This small app is installed on a single PC or server within your organisation.
It runs quietly in the background and its responsibility is to upload the scans from your copier or scanner.

Many scanners and copiers allow you to create scan profiles so that you can do ‘one-touch’ scanning directly from the device. With the profiles set up you don’t need to keep selecting settings or changing them everytime you want to
scan something. Use a profile to perform a scan. The scanner now hands the file to the Filestar app. At this point you are done!
You have filed your document with no more effort than a finger press.